Eternal in Milan 21-22-23 Sept 2012

Ergebnisse, Top 8s, Turnierberichte etc.

Eternal in Milan 21-22-23 Sept 2012

Beitragvon Wichtelman » Di 28. Aug 2012, 13:25

Artists: We're working on getting Mark Tedin (seems like the guy is not answering mails). If Tedin comes, Orizio will be present as well.

21-22-23 Sept 2012

21st: Modern- Sanctioned


Entry fee 15 eur Inscriptions 10 am, tournament starting @11 am.

Guaranteed prize pool

1° 16 U Shockland + Set Blood Crypt
2° 20 ZEN Fetchlands
3° Stomping Ground + Godless Shrine
4° Overgrown Tomb + Temple Garden
5° Verdant Catacomb
6° Marsh Flats
7° Arid Mesa
8° Sacred Foundry


Starting 17pm, the best italian Vintage players (upon election on will play a small tournament for the Italian Vintage Champion.

+ Trials (Legacy and Vintage trials: entry fee 5 eur,1st wins entry fee for the main event-if you win a legacy trial you get Legacy main event entry fee, same for Vintage- and 1 bye for that main event)

22 Sept


Swiss+top16 or Top8 (depending on size of tournament)

Inscription opens at 9:30 am, tournament starts @ 11am

(we advise pre-inscription through or by sending a mail to Stinfo )

Entry fee: 25 eur

Prize pool

1 40 Dual LAND Revised + Set Dark COnfidant FOIL
2 40 Fechtland + Set Wasteland + Set Force of Will
3 10 Dual Land White Border ITA ( 1 each )
4 Set Underground Sea + Set Snapcaster Mage FOIL
5 Set Tropical ISland
6 Set Tundre
7 Set Volcanic ISland
8 Set Tarmogoyf
9 Set Wooded Foothills Foil
10 Set Show And Tell
11 Set Bloodstained Mire FOIL
12 Underground Sea
13 Underground Sea
14 Tropical Island
15 Tundra
16 Savana
17 Taiga
18 Taiga
19 Taiga
20 Set Misty Rainforest
21 Set Scalding Tarn
22 Set Bloodstained Mire
23 Bayou
24 Bayou
25 Set Verdant Catacomb
26 Set Mars Flats
27 Set Mesa Arida
28 Set Swords to Plowshares BB
29 Set Stifle Signed
30 Set Engineered Explosives
31 Set Aether Vial
32 Set Mox Cromo

SPECIAL PRIZE Every round a random player will receive a special prize.
You win just by being there!

1°r Sword of Mind And Body
2°r Mystical Tutor
3°r Bitterblossom
4°r Bitterblossom
5°r Progenitus
6°r Beta Swamp Altered
7°r Selkie FOIL (I guess cold eyed Selkie)
8°r Pernicious deed
9°r Swamp Foil Unhinghed

Side events all day long, entry fee 5 eur

From 20pm Pimp stuff

Playmat bragging (1st prize, special playmat)

Pimp Tournament (should be Vintage)

16 players, 10 eur entry fee. Bring your pimpest stuff, send a mail to Stinfo with a scan of your deck to be able to partecipate.

19pm EDH tournament

Swiss+top 4, no sb, 5 eur entry fee


1° Scrubland + Maze of Ith + Rishadan Port Jap
2° Eternal Witness Foil Chinese + Umezawa's Jitte
3° Arcbound Ravager FOIL
4° Rishadan Port Chinese
5° Pernicious Deed
6° Abyssal Persecutor
7° Maelstrom Pulse
8° Iona Shield of Emeria

Special prize for best player in both Legacy and Modern Tournaments.

23 Sept, Vintage


Inscription desk open @9:30 am, tournament starts @11 am

25 eur entry fee

1° Set of 5 Mox
2° Black Lotus + TimeTwister
3° Ancestral Recall
4° Time Walk
5° Mox Jet
6° Mox emerald
7° Mox Ruby
8° Mox Pearl
9° Set Polluted Delta
10 Undergroud Sea
11 Set Flooded Strand
12 Set Noble Hierarc
13 Set Wooded Foothills
14 Set Chalice Of The Void + Tolarian Academy
15 Horizon Canopy Foil
16 Horizon Canopy Foil

Budget prizes: for best placed budget decks

(no P9, no bazaar, no Wshop)

1° Ancestral
2° Mana Drain
3° Jace The Mind Sculptor
4° Jace The Mind Sculptor

Unpowered prizes:

(no p9)

1 Set of fow

Special prizes: (same as for legacy)

1°r Gorilla Shaman Altered
2°r Steel Hellkyte
3°r Inkweel Leviathan Foil
4°r Beta Swamp Altered
5°r Beta Swamp Altered
6°r Lotus Petal FOIL
7°r Vampiric Tutor Foil
8°r Foil Island Altered

Special prize for best eternal player (last year was a beta sea if i'm not mistaken? Dunno about this year.)


Via Sant’Uguzzone 8

How to reach location:

Where to sleep

Hotel Ibis
Hotel Idea

Or just check any B&B or Hotel on Viale Monza, and take the subway to arrive there, it's easy.



The best collectors/sellers from all over Eu will be there.
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Re: Eternal in Milan 21-22-23 Sept 2012

Beitragvon Wichtelman » Mo 24. Sep 2012, 13:27

modern versagt... legacy 7-2 und top 32 set arid mesa... vintage versagt... big legacy sideevent 4-0-2 und gewonnen set volcanic island... wochenende wurde von uns mit mehreren top's einem win und beiden best overall players dominiert :)

modern-legacy = timo 4 altered stifle (new age champ)
legacy-vintage = vincent 4 foil wasteland (eternal champ)

timo macht modern top 8 und gewinnt legacy, andi macht top 8 beim legacy, vincent macht top 16 beim legacy und top (32?) beim vintage...
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Re: Eternal in Milan 21-22-23 Sept 2012

Beitragvon Julien » Sa 29. Sep 2012, 23:40

Glückwunsch! :mrgreen:
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