[Article] Why the Magic Community Should Invite More Women

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[Article] Why the Magic Community Should Invite More Women

Beitragvon BoderHamster » Do 17. Nov 2011, 15:44

Face it guys, for whatever reason, more and more women are learning to play Magic: The Gathering, and some are actually sticking around and learning how to be good at it. They are far from the majority, but there are several talented female Magic players like Melissa deTora, Jackie Lee and Amanda Stevens; designers like Jenna Helland; writers like Ashley Moray, Debbie Freeland, and Emily Heflin; bloggers like Lauren Lee, Laura Dawes and Susan Zell; and judges like Cristiana Dionisio, Ingrid Lind-Jahn, Ute Kronenberg, Skipper Lufkin, Charlotte Sable and Allison Medwin. To be fair, many of these ladies fall into more than one of these categories. As hindering gender stereotypes become more and more transparent to everyone, women are blazing new trails in the Magic community.

When you really stop to think about it, the ladies have always been there. It’s their social roles that are changing. Initially, they were mostly found on the cards themselves, (or as the cliche jealous or disinterested girlfriends lingering in the background). Sexy cardboard and ink vixens form a significant part of the fantasy allure to the game. After all, it doesn’t take a marketing research genius to tell us what young men like.

Now, before you become offended by my scant attempt to humor by stating the obvious, that women appearing desirable to men (and vice versa) is part of human nature, let me assure you that I’m not writing this as an attack piece on male gamers. I love the guys I get to hang out with at FNM, the men both younger and older I’ve learned from in play testing, and especially the primarily male friends and colleagues I’ve acquired through the judge program. If I didn’t care for the Magic community, I wouldn’t take time away from my academic research and writing to give you this article...

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